On this page you can find out the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our website – what Payment Methods are available, how is Shipping handled, is there any Tracking? Is my data safe? Read down below to find out all this and more!

Make sure to also check out our Returns & Refunds Page for detailed information on our policies regarding Returns, Refunds, Cancellations and our Exquisite Wallets Money Back Guarantee !

Shipping & Handling

How many countries do you ship to? Can i check if you ship to mine?

We currently ship to 50 countries around the world.

You can check if we ship to your country by placing any product in your Shopping Cart and proceeding to our Checkout page.You will find all the countries that we currently ship to in the Countries drop-down menu.

You do not need to register an account with us or enter any shipping / personal details to view this information.

How much does shipping cost to my country?

Shipping is ABSOLUTELY FREE for every order, regardless of where you live !

What about import taxes / duties?

You are responsible for paying any import taxes / duties due when you receive your package – we do not calculate or collect payment for these in advance.

How long do i have to wait before my order is shipped?

All of our products ship within 2 – 5 Business Days. We will email you your Tracking number usually within a few days.

Do i get a tracking number for my order?

Yes! All orders come with a Tracking Number, we will email the tracking number to you within 2 – 5 business days after we receive your order. You can also view your Tracking Number in Account Dashboard --> My Orders--> click on *View* next to your order to view the complete order details.

Please visit our Tracking Your Order Page from our Customer Service drop-down menu for detailed information on the different ways you can track your order.

Please allow up to 7 – 10 Business Days for your tracking information to be uploaded by the carrier.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will arrive in 10 – 30 Business Days after your package is shipped ( this does not include our 2 – 5 Business Days Handling Time ).

How quickly you receive your package will depend on your country and shipping address – we always use the fastest possible shipping method for all orders !

The tracking information for my order is not updating. What do i do?

Please allow 7 – 10 Business Days for your tracking information to be populated by the shipping carrier. You don’t need to worry or do anything – it is normal for tracking information to be loaded slowly.

If it has been more than 10 Business Days and there is still no tracking information available for your Tracking Number please Contact Us so we can check your order for you.

My tracking information shows my package was lost in transit!

Unfortunately, this is very much how things can go when you are dealing with international shipping. Do not worry, as all eligible orders are protected under our Money Back Guarantee !

Please check out our Money Back Guarantee Policy in our Returns & Refunds Page for information on how your order can qualify for the Money Back Guarantee and how it can protect you.

Payments & Placing Your Order

How secure is my data? Is your site safe to use?


We take great care to make sure that all of your user and payment data is protected on our website – we routinely run security checks and use the best domain and hosting providers to prevent any data breaches. You can check out our Privacy Policy Page for information on how we store and use your user data.

We have also partnered with PayPal – the biggest and most secure online payments processor, to handle all of our payment processing needs. We require a registered PayPal account and logging in before completing a purchase to ensure the maximum possible security for your funds and data and to eliminate the risk of paying for something by mistake.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we support payment only via PayPal, our main payments processor. All payments go to our Verified PayPal Business Account.

Using PayPal you can pay with your PayPal Balance, Credit / Debit Card or Bank Account if you have added them to your account.

Do i need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal?

Yes, you will need to have a registered PayPal Account and must log in before finalising payment – you will be redirected to the PayPal Log In Page after you fill in all of your billing / delivery information on our own secure Checkout Page.

We require logging in to your PayPal account so that we can provide maximum possible security for your data and payments.

What happens after i place my order?

You will receive an email with your order information as soon as your order is placed and we safely receive your payment in our payments account.

When your order ships out we will send a follow up email with your Tracking number and an Estimated Delivery Date.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Most of the time, we will not send a separate invoice to you by email, only the initial order received invoice after you complete payment. Since all payments are handled by PayPal you can simply log in to your PayPal account and view your transaction in your Recent Activity.

You can view and / or print your invoice from there at any time !

Can i cancel an order i placed after it has been paid?

Yes, you can request a Cancellation within 1 Hour of order payment. Please do not wait to Contact Us as we process orders very quickly and once we process your order a cancellation is no longer possible.

Please check our Cancellations Policy in our Returns & Refunds Page for detailed information on how we handle cancellation requests.

Why was my order cancelled?

Your Order may have been cancelled because we have a found a problem with one or more of the items you have purchased, one or more of the items you have purchased is out of stock or on back order or there is no Tracking information available to your chosen delivery address.

Please check our Cancellations Policy in our Returns & Refunds Page for detailed information on how we handle cancellation requests.

My Exquisite Wallets Account

Do i need an account on Exquisite Wallets to place orders?

No ! You only need a registered active PayPal account to complete your payments.

How can i register an account?

You can register an account by clicking the Login / Register button on the top right corner of our website.

Alternatively, you can also tick the box Create an account? during Checkout if you would like to register your user account while making your first purchase.

What can i do with my Exquisite Wallets account?

From your Account Dashboard your can view all of your Orders, manage your Wishlist and save your Billing and Shipping Address so you don’t have to enter them again manually during Checkout.

Can i track my Orders and manage my Wishlist without registering an account?


You can manage your Wishlist by going to your Wishlist page from the Wishlist button on the top right corner of our website next to your Cart.

You can track your Orders using the corresponding tracking number or Order ID + Billing Email using our Tracking Form. For more information on how to track your orders without registering an account please visit our Tracking Your Order Help Page.

Can i have my account and info removed after i have registered?

Yes! Just message us with your request and we can delete your account from our servers.

Please note that we will retain some of your information for a period of time for administrative, legal or security purposes. You can check out our Privacy Policy Page for information on how we store and use your user data.